88bit is the alter ego of Cleveland-based pianist, Rob Kovacs, where he performs note-for-note piano arrangements of classic video game soundtracks from the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Kovacs’ performances are unique in that they recreate early electronic music that was never intended to be performed by humans, stretching the limits of traditional piano playing. Kovacs has been performing as 88bit since 2018 and has played at events such as the Super MAGFest, PAX South, the Mensa National Gathering, NeoSonic Fest, Classic Game Fest, Confluence and others. He has been interviewed about 88bit by NPR’s “Sound of Applause” (WCPN Cleveland), NPR’s “Shuffle” (WKSU Kent), and for www.blownspeakers.com.

88bit is supported by an amazing group of generous supporters on Patreon. Learn more at www.88bitmusic.com

Outside of 88bit, Kovacs is an award-winning composer, pianist and singer/songwriter. He is the first person to perform Steve Reich’s Piano Phase solo by simultaneously playing both piano parts on two pianos. Kovacs also performs as a solo singer/songwriter as well as fronts the indie-rock bands Math + Logic and Return of Simple, the latter of which plays regionally and who’s music has been played on satellite, college and Pandora radio. He has performed and recorded with other artists including Mega Ran, Mark Mothersbaugh, Parson James, Sandra Bernhard, Natalie Weiss, Rachel Potter, Grace Love, Margot Bingham, and Herzog.

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Stemage is a composer and guitar guy based in Santa Cruz, CA. A lot of people know him as, “that Metroid Metal dude,” but he also works on music for Steven Universe and the occasional Bubsy game. He has performed at MAGFest with Metroid Metal, Viking Guitar Live, LONELYROLLINGSTARS, Retro-Active Live, and Sam Mulligan & the Donut Slayers to name a few. Stemage will be performing his own original guitarry music and video game covers at this year’s MAGWest Jamspace.

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Ronin Op F

2019-08-27 21_14_01-Window.png

Ronin Op F is a multi-instrumentalist composer delving into various styles like chiptune, glitch hop, and funky breakbeat. His love of all things video game music (and other music!) has led to collaborations and shows with artists like Extent of the Jam, LEX the Lexicon Artist, B / I / R / T / H / D / A / Y, aivi and surasshu, Kirby's Dream Band, and several others. He returns to MAGWest, once again, but to play his own material. He also enjoys both MAGFest and MAGWest as well as attending and/or performing many other similar events.

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tttlllrrr AKA Taylor Shechet is a musician, sound designer, and game developer based in LA. His game scoring work includes Gloomwood, Upon the Winds of Distant Suns, and Tonight You Die. Outside of games, Taylor also makes music collaboratively as part of drum & bass duo Polychron, horror pop trio GRYPT, and solo as synthwave artist Outer Night. He’s currently working as audio & creative lead for AR game BIO-SQUAD K as part of Niantic’s “Beyond Reality” developer contest.

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Alice Knows Karate

Alice Knows Karate is the brainchild of San Francisco native Keiko Takamura. After performing as vocalist in her previous group Crashfaster, the songwriter went on to create a new sound. Drawing her lyrical inspiration from indie video games, fairy tales, and her own life experiences, working with producers to build the music around vocal tracks she wrote and recorded herself, the Fablewave EP delves into an ambient, dream-like synth pop soundscape.

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Odyssey Eurobeat


Odyssey Eurobeat (a.k.a “Ken Blast” from the Initial D game and anime soundtracks and the Super Eurobeat series, alongside many other aliases) has been making eurobeat for the better part of a decade.

After falling in love with the goofy but energetic and beloved style through rhythm games, Travis began attempting to recreate those sounds with his own work, starting with a borrowed Korg sound module and abandonware MIDI sequencing software. From there he’s elevated the beloved sound to new audiences and spotlights, from appearing in arcade game and anime soundtracks such as Initial D to mentions in Rolling Stone and collaborations with/remixes from such acts as Andromulus and The Living Tombstone.

Odyssey blends established eurobeat traditions with modern innovation to create an incredibly energetic and fun new experience with each song— even more so in live shows, delivering vocals with traditional DJ performances and elements of controllerism. There is no set quite like an Odyssey Eurobeat set!

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Vector Hold


Vector Hold is no stranger to the synthwave scene. With six albums released since 2012 and countless singles. VH provided music to HBO’s Vice Principals and countless mobile game apps. Supporting national touring acts such as Carpenter Brut, Dance With The Dead, Gost, and Chromeo there doesn’t seem to be any slowing down for this pioneer of the synthwave movement. Hailing from the San Francisco Bay area Pete Rice has been a prominent long time musician who’s been in several music projects spanning three decades. Alongside with silent music partner Dave Stoltenberg on guitar he adds that special sauce that’s needed to perfect the desired authentic 80’s sound.

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Formed in the fall of 2016 by Nick Galvez and Ian Cowell, B/I/R/T/H/D/A/Y is a Progressive Synthwave duo from Oakland, CA, seamlessly meshing the sounds of the past, present, and future into an original take on nostalgia-fueled music.

The two became friends nearly a decade ago while playing in various local bands in the rock scene around the East Bay Area. At a birthday party for Ian’s daughter, they started talking about how they were in between projects and wanted to do something with their backlog of ideas. Using a combination of synthesizers, guitars, and raw nerd power, B/I/R/T/H/D/A/Y was born, and in December of 2017 after a year of playing their material for a wide range of audiences, their debut album, “Wolfdads”, was released.

Since their inception, B/I/R/T/H/D/A/Y has played numerous shows and events, ranging from local dives and clubs, to Bar Con San Jose, MAGWest 2018, and San Francisco’s heralded Turbo Drive synthwave event.

In 2018 Jay Kim, also known as Ronin Op F, a reputable producer and electric violinist, began joining B/I/R/T/H/D/A/Y in their live shows, turning the duo into a power trio. Recently they have finished as-of-yet released collaborative projects, and are working on the follow-up to Wolfdads.

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Sergio and the Holograms

Sergio and the Holograms – 3, 2, 1... Let's jam.

Performing awesome works from Mega Man, Street Fighter, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Super Mario Bros, Castlevania, DuckTales, and many others... It will be a production you certainly have not seen.

Sergio and the Holograms is a tech-progressive live performance, involving life-sized hologram projections; a visual like no other. Originally starting as a “one-man-band” on YouTube doing video game arrangements on a plethora of instruments, Sergio took his production another step further by taking it on the road; having himself as his backing band!

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From San Jose, CA, Petriform has brought energetic NES-style chiptunes and synth music to the California chipmusic scene for years. Drawing unapologetically from a grab-bag bursting at the seams with genre influences including bubblegum pop, 80s-90s VGM, third wave ska, prog metal, happy hardcore, and turn-of-the-millennium pop punk, no two Petriform releases are the same – and neither are the live shows, for that matter!

Petriform's 2016 chiptune album "Don't Worry, You're Great!" and its 2018 follow-up, “nothing is for sure,” were warmly received by listeners for their blistering pace and upbeat energy, and his frequent contributions to original chipmusic compilations have earned him a reputation such that genre aficionados know to expect nothing less than excellence. Be on the lookout for new Petriform material in 2019!

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Super Soul Bros


The Super Soul Bros are a collective of San Jose musicians, whose fusion of funk and jazz meets the nostalgic melodies of classic video games. Formed in 2012 by keyboardist Robbie Benson, the Super Soul Bros have gained notoriety for their dynamic musicianship, high energy shows, and infectious grooves--comparable to jamming a ‘70s James Brown record into a Nintendo Entertainment System. Whether they’re taking requests on the fly, or the crowd’s busting into a full-on soul train, it’s always a party with the Super Soul Bros.

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Mega Ran


“Mega Ran is Your New Favorite.”
— Noisey

“When it comes to marrying video games and hip-hop...no one does it quite like Mega Ran.”
— HipHopDX

“One of the most prolific and innovative rappers of the 21st Century”
— Phoenix New Times

“Ran writes songs that are easy to embrace, thanks to his unrelenting charm”
— Bandcamp

Today, Mega Ran is no longer a teacher by title, but maintains a rigorous touring and recording schedule, traveling the world to entertain and educate through the gift of rhyme. With four Billboard charting albums, 3 million YouTube views and a legion of smart art fans he calls “Team Mega” beside him, the future looks brighter than ever.

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Ben Briggs


Ben Briggs is a full-time musician, entertainer, and DJ with over a decade of experience; widely known for remixing video game music. As the co-owner of Tiny Waves and a veteran contributor to the chiptune & video game music scene, he has quickly become a key influencer in the industry with countless successful events and music releases. He has performed at numerous conventions worldwide including Otakon, MAGFest, ConBravo in Canada and Minami Convention in Chile, South America. Beloved for his electronic dance music with strong chiptune influence, he delivers a high-energy performance full of positive energy and LOTS of dancing. Dedicated to "making the fun happen", Ben believes it is his purpose to remove people from the stress of their daily lives with music.

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8-Bit Jazz Heroes


The 8-Bit Jazz Heroes are one part jazz trio, one part video game nirvana - kinda like if Miles Davis spent more time playing Super Nintendo.

Featuring Adam Bellotto on the guitar, Robby Delosier on the upright bass and Michael Kaufman on the drums, the 8-Bit Jazz Heroes take classic video game themes and transform them into something completely new. Drawing from jazz, funk, blues and hip-hop, the 8-Bit Jazz Heroes have an incredible sound that weaves multiple genres and game consoles all through the jazz idiom. Formed in 2016, they quickly made a name for themselves - they play in venues all over Southern California and in 2017 were named “Best Jazz Band in Orange County” by the OC Weekly. The 8-Bit Jazz Heroes are signed to video game music label Overclocked Records and their first album, "Press Start" was released in November of 2017 to rave reviews.

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Cosmicosmo is an electronic musician whose music has been featured in TV, Commercials, and Video Games.

His blend of cute pop draws inspiration from 90s anime and internet cultures, further personified by his penguin mascot, P.

Follow Cosmo and P as they continue to explore their sonic landscape and take you on adventures with them through nostalgia and the bright, colorful world of internet pop culture!

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Bolide is an electronic musician heavily inspired by music from video games and anime.

After attending MAGFest for a few years, he's excited to have a chance to attend MAGWest!

He's also part of the net-label Tiny Waves; a community of talented artists with the goal of empowering and supporting each other.

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