Odyssey Eurobeat


Odyssey Eurobeat (a.k.a “Ken Blast” from the Initial D game and anime soundtracks and the Super Eurobeat series, alongside many other aliases) has been making eurobeat for the better part of a decade.

After falling in love with the goofy but energetic and beloved style through rhythm games, Travis began attempting to recreate those sounds with his own work, starting with a borrowed Korg sound module and abandonware MIDI sequencing software. From there he’s elevated the beloved sound to new audiences and spotlights, from appearing in arcade game and anime soundtracks such as Initial D to mentions in Rolling Stone and collaborations with/remixes from such acts as Andromulus and The Living Tombstone.

Odyssey blends established eurobeat traditions with modern innovation to create an incredibly energetic and fun new experience with each song— even more so in live shows, delivering vocals with traditional DJ performances and elements of controllerism. There is no set quite like an Odyssey Eurobeat set!

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