From San Jose, CA, Petriform has brought energetic NES-style chiptunes and synth music to the California chipmusic scene for years. Drawing unapologetically from a grab-bag bursting at the seams with genre influences including bubblegum pop, 80s-90s VGM, third wave ska, prog metal, happy hardcore, and turn-of-the-millennium pop punk, no two Petriform releases are the same – and neither are the live shows, for that matter!

Petriform's 2016 chiptune album "Don't Worry, You're Great!" and its 2018 follow-up, “nothing is for sure,” were warmly received by listeners for their blistering pace and upbeat energy, and his frequent contributions to original chipmusic compilations have earned him a reputation such that genre aficionados know to expect nothing less than excellence. Be on the lookout for new Petriform material in 2019!

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