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Oh gosh, you want to talk to us? We’re so happy you feel that way! We want to hear from you.

We love talking to people about their:

  • ideas for making our event better!

  • interest in helping us spearhead new ideas!

  • ability to donate consoles, games, arcades, equipment, TIME, and more!

  • willingness to volunteer to achieve new goals!

  • desire to be part of our MAGFam!

  • love for the Gemfire OST!

We’ll probably talk to you about other things too, but these are just the things that get us (too?) excited. If you want to talk about any of those things or more, send us an email at or fill out the form below, and we’ll make sure someone responds with at a 10 character response that form actual words. (We’re not supposed to guarantee anything too involved, so this is the best we got.)

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