Some people that go to MAGWest like games, I guess? If you’re one of those crazy outliers who also likes games, then maybe check us out.

Really, though, there’s a lot of games out there, and our main goal is bringing as much of ‘em to be available for you and your MAGFam in here. Our gaming hall runs all day and all night throughout the event, so you’ll always have a Sonic game to play. Check out some of the basics below:

Freeplay Arcade

Come check out a variety of arcade classics and more sophisticated rhythm games in our freeplay arcade! We’ll have plenty of cabinets for you to check out from locally sourced arcade collectors running all weekend long. The arcade never sleeps, and neither should you!

Console GAming

Ranging from NES to Switch, Genesis to Dreamcast, PS1 to PS4, XBX to XB1, we’ve got your console gaming needs covered with single player and multiplayer classics. Prove that you can beat Super Mario Bros 3 to all your friends, challenge your rival to Street Fighter II, or pick up as many passengers as you can in Crazy Taxi—whatever your pleasure, our console game room has got you covered!


For you “PC MASTER RACE” kids, we have a dedicated 36-person BYOC LAN area running for you to bring your own computer to set up all weekend! Seating is on a first-come, first-serve basis so be sure to grab a seat early! Be the last one standing in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, be sure to build additional pylons in StarCraft or hop in a vehicle and dominate the battlefield in World of Tanks or, if you prefer, kick in the boosters and score major pointage in Rocket League! These are just a few of the games we’ll be playing, so fire up your favorite and you might find some players who just might join in!

Please note that there is a hardware check-in and check-out system in place at the LAN to ensure that attendee’s hardware is as safe as possible, but keep in mind that you are ultimately responsible for your stuff. You can check out our LAN center rules here.

Tabletop Gaming

Chaotic neutrals and friends, we’ve got you covered with our tabletop gaming zone. We’ll have games available for checkout with space to play, and of course feel free to bring your own games to make some new friends! Games are better with more people, and you can use the tabletop area to find bodies to fill your game and prove to everyone you’re the best at producing brick/lumber/wool/grain/ore.

Indie Games

Check out ready-to-play indie games brought to you by local-ish game developers! MAGWest is all about bringing the community together, which is why the developers of the selected indie games will be onsite ready to teach you to play, answer questions, or even help you get involved with any projects you like!

MAGFest Challenges

Do you think you’re good at video games? Well, you’re probably wrong, and our Challenge stations are here to prove it. Try your luck at our specially engineered challenges for classics. Can you beat SMB1 1-1 without stopping your movement? Can you earn a kiss from Princess Toadstool in SMRPG? Can you play a level of Sonic without collecting a single ring? Most likely you can’t, but we think it’s funny to see you try. And if you can, we’ve got prizes for you!


If any of the above gaming areas sounded interesting, what if we told you that we’re also having TOURNAMENTS for certain games? Well, we are, and you should be excited! We’ll have more info on what tournaments will be hosted, but you can expect some fun and great prizes for conquering your enemies.

Do you want to run a tournament at MAGWest? Have I got some good news for you! MAGWest is now accepting applications for Attendee run tournaments. Apply here! Deadline for submissions is August 31, 2019.

Alternatively, are you…

  • …an arcade collector who wants to bring your cabinet(s) to MAGWest in exchange for a free badge or more? Let us know at!

  • …a console collector that wants to donate some excess console items in exchange for some perks? Let us know at!

  • …interested in running tournaments, bringing tabletop games, or have other interests in helping out in our gaming division somehow? Let us know at!