From boops and beeps to rat-a-tats, unn-tss unn-tss, wah wahs, weer weedle wee weeees or other noises that you might transcribe from an instrument (like we did, with excellent accuracy we might add), MAGWest has all the jams you know and love, and plenty more that you don’t! Take a look below for a quick summary of things you can expect to please your ears. When we’re ready to share more, we’re gonna blast the newsletter, so sign up below if you want more info!

Main stage concerts

This is where it all goes down. Plenty of opening acts, headliners, and DJ/chiptune raves, all on one stage. The biggest of our formal areas, our performers will be playing on this stage for you to enjoy! Programming will run from afternoon until LATE, so make sure you plan to be here if you’re interested in some of the best VGM, nerdcore, remixes, and original jams you’ve ever heard!

Chipspace / Jamspace

The Chipspace and Jamspace combine together to bring you a second stage full of excellent content. Get ready for a lineup of bands, DJs, nerdcore and chiptune shows, as well as free and structured jams throughout the weekend. The Jamspace runs from morning to late at night, so drop in every once in a while to catch some of our great variety programming.

Pool Party

Enjoy some fun in the sun and a dip in the pool with live content played from the nearest, driest place. You’ll hang in the pool, maybe grab a drink, and enjoy the music for an afternoon or two with our pool party scheduled programming. We’re in California, so we might as well use the beautiful weather of the summer to our advantage!


As if formal scheduled content wasn’t enough, jampods are available for impromptu acts! Maybe you’re a musician or performer that would love to do a quick 10-15 minute set, or maybe you’re a hobbyist that knows how to play a slide whistle, we give you the space, you bring your gear, and the passersby will be your audience!

Applying to perform

Music Performers interested in MAGWest 2020 and beyond can use this form here. (Sorry, but 2019 submissions are closed.)