Look at all of these musical guests!

Just kidding. I’m sorry. We’re not ready to announce this information yet. But check back when we are, and I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Are you a musical performer and are you interested at performing at MAGWest? Unfortunately, the soft deadline has passed to apply for this year’s event. You can still apply at this form, but we can’t guarantee you’ll be considered.

Stay tuned on this page to see which bands have been selected to play at MAGWest 2019!

This is a picture I drew of Blinky one time in Paint. Musical Guests are like Pac-Man ghosts in that they’re both corralled in a center box/stage with you dancing around them and sometimes they get loose and chase you and you run away because you’re too excited to see them in person that you get anxious and need to run away to avoid saying something stupid but then you find your courage in the form of some kind of food pellet and then you want to talk to them but they have to go load out their gear and when you catch them you eat them because you got carried away and also there’s fruit.