Sell Stuff

Got a landfill of E.T. cartridges you found but don’t want? Maybe you spend your time making bottle cap art of beautiful Breath of the Wild landscapes. Or, it’s been long enough and you’ve finally decided that you want to sell your Star Wars pog collection to people that truly appreciate it. Well, look no further, as the MAGWest Marketplace has arrived!

Coming this year, you’ll have a chance to dig through all your trash to sell all of your prized goods to our poor—errr, I mean, lucky attendees! That’s right! Your loss/gain could be their loss/gain if the price is right, and if you attend MAGWest as a vendor!

We’ll have the formal vendor application up and running soon, so if you’re interested in becoming a vendor for MAGWest’s first marketplace, sign up for our mailing list below and stay tuned for future updates!