Sydney’s one true love is video game music and she knows that other people love it too, that’s why she created Smart Game Piano. She believes that now more than ever, people need to be able to play an instrument not just for fun, but for their own well being. Smart Game Piano is a way to make people for the stronger and more creative, so she and the Smartists (the Smart Game Piano army) are constantly playing video game music on the piano to change the world! When not creating tutorials for Smart Game Piano, Sydney composes for video games, film, and concert music.

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LyricWulf is a self-taught pianist who arranges video game and anime music into instructional videos along with sheet music for piano. He’s well-known for the visual effects of his videos and the accuracy of his sheets. You’ll often find him calling himself a dog while he live streams himself making his arrangements. Check out the piano dog at

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Ryukahr is a gaming and music creator who specializes in difficult platforming, speedruns and other forms of gaming content. Well-known for his insanely-challenging Mario Maker videos, there’s not a kaizo or hot garbage level Ryu won’t tackle.

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Tammy Byerly

Acoustic Pop singer/songwriter Tammy Byerly captures audiences with her sweet voice and sincere lyrics. After spending her accounting career longing to play music, she took a leap of faith and became a full-time performer in 2017. In addition to gaining an online following for her live performances at, she has performed in Europe, Asia, and regularly in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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8-Bit Music Theory

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8-Bit, the creator of the 8-Bit Music Theory YouTube Channel, makes videos analyzing how and why our favorite video game music sounds so great, using a combination of his formal music education and hundreds of hours of personal study.

If you haven’t seen any of his fantastic content, he provides a very technical and informational analysis on key factors in video game music that contribute to the song’s style, feeling, and purpose. His videos explore chords, scalar sounds, melodic structure, time signatures, and more, in relation to VGM.

8-Bit loves music and video games, and loves analyzing and talking about music from video games. Come to MAGWest and hang out with him!

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Saori Kobayashi


Saori Kobayashi began her career as a composer at Sega, where she is most well known for her work on Panzer Dragoon Saga for Sega Saturn. Since then, she has worked on Panzer Dragoon Orta and Crimson Dragon, along with other games. She is part of the band AKANE with ex-Konami vocalist Yumiko Takahashi. Kobayashi released her first solo album, Terra Magica, in 2016 and a 20th Anniversary arrangement for Panzer Dragoon Saga in 2018.

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dwangoAC is the keeper and creator of TASBot, a special R.O.B. robot outfitted with Legos to hold a custom circuit board that can mimic a controller for the purpose of playing of playing video games perfectly. TASBot has a long and storied history that starts with the initial efforts to replay Tool-Assisted Speedruns on physical hardware via a process now called Console Verification. dwangoAC has used TASBot to represent TASVideos at Games Done Quick events for the last 5 years.

A test engineer by trade, dwangoAC likes to tinker with emulators for new and exotic platforms as a form of penetration testing. He is the president of the North Bay Linux User’s Group and an advocate for emulators and games that run on Linux such as SteamOS.

We’re excited to welcome dwangoAC to MAGWest and see what he’s got in store for us!

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