Presenting our indie game/developer lineup for MAGWest 2019 (in studio order)! Come on out to our event this year to meet the creators, play the game, and get a first look at what it’s all about!

Way of Rhea by Anthropic Studios

Way of Rhea is an upcoming narrative driven puzzle side scroller about the space humans take up in the world. In the game, you can only interact with objects in the world that match your current color, and therefore must use the color changing orbs and teleporters scattered throughout the world to navigate its puzzles.

Wally and the FANTASTIC Predators by BOON

A rogue-lite but the dungeon is alive and is trying to kill you.

Dagat by Chua Productions

Dagat is a cute endless runner game, where you are a fish who was separated from their school. (Since it's swimming, maybe it should be called "endless swimmer" instead??)

As It Is by Egghouse

As It Is is a watercolor, storybook-like 2D side-scrolling narrative adventure game about helping small animals with their problems in a society where hunting and killing no longer exist. Follow Hedgehog & Hawk as they meet, learn, and become friends.

AR/philia by generica.rts

AR/philia is an augmented reality book and app that tells the story of a young woman who crafted an artificial intelligence while looking for love.

Stabby Files by Hassan Shaikley

Multiplayer Browser Game

Bluebird by Jera Design LLC

A virtual bluebird that flies around your head and lands on your finger. For the Magic Leap One platform.

CardSlinger by Lost Generation Games

Fight your way through the desert as "The Cowboy", a mysterious figure with a secret past. Pick up cards and form hands with your VizDeck navigation system and Five-Card Draw, the gun that shoots cards! Intense fights with the guardian creatures of the desert will lead you to unravel the nature of a secret evil lurking in the shadow of the sun... Can you survive the heat?

Cloud Miners by manadream entertainment

A multi-player, retro-styled, co-op asteroid mining game where players can each control one component of a large ship or go out on foot to complete missions.

Obversion by Marplebot

Explore a vibrant universe of cubes. Solve puzzles by manipulating your environment. Advance through distinct worlds as you master the connections between positive and negative, creation and destruction, dead and alive. And if you make a mistake, don’t worry, you can undo all the way back to the beginning.

Whale Simulator by Nixnaij

VR project with sound interaction

Rollie by Optovania

Rollie is a newly completed side-scrolling run & jump platformer for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Player controls Rollie, a raccoon who rolls and bounces through a forest to save it from greedy animals. Similar in depth, scale, and gameplay to the original Super Mario Bros. but a little more fast paced.

Ice Cream Tornado by Project Beanstalk

Ice Cream Tornado is a game that combines the fun of ice cream with the craziness of a tornado. In this 2D mobile endless runner, there are several objects flying towards the ice cream tornado including people, animals, and ice cream. You have to swipe away people and animals from the tornado to save them, and let ice cream into the tornado for more points.

eCheese Zone by Seemingly Pointless

The eCheese Zone is a crowd punishment party game. Although the game is played with a single mouse, it organically gathers crowds of players together to complete the game’s challenges. And the challenges are numerous! Filled with tense mini-games, players need to follow strict directions or they will be booted to a punishment wait timer. One that feels all the more real as the eCheese Zone has a 5 hour playtime limit. Once up, the game closes and forgets all progress. As such, the whole game is winnable in one go, but players must know the secrets and tricks to unlocking deeper levels of the game.


Clarum is a non-violent VR dream simulator inspired by old surrealistic games like LSD: Dream Emulator and Soul Trap as well as old school RPGs like Xanadu. It is using Oculus Rift and Oculus touch controllers with retrofitted Nintendo Power Pad (optional physical locomotion) and Aura Interactor (optional vest-based wearable haptic feedback) hardware for extra immersion.

The Clairvoyant by Weird Sisters Interactive

You may not be able to see dead people, but you can definitely hear them. Become a medium by using the Bose AR technology to tune into the auditory spirit plane full of the pleas of ghosts yearning to cross over and an originally composed score by Nomi Abadi. Players must navigate by turning and looking around to follow the cries of ghosts while also avoiding contact with dangerous poltergeists who try to lead you astray by mimicking the distressed ghosts. Once a ghost in need is located, players will assist them by performing tasks such as nodding along to their stories, dancing, hopping, or watching the stars. Players will embody their role as a spirit medium by creating salt circles and performing calming techniques to escape possession.

CLIMB! by ZeroHourGames

An over the top race for your life where it is you versus the mountain versus everyone! Play by yourself as you struggle to get to the top in harsh environments or show your friends who is king of the mountain. This game has 3 modes, single player, local multiplayer race, and local multiplayer deathmatch.

Indie Game Applications are closed

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