Touching Sound: The Technika Documentary @ MAGWest

The Touching Sound Team, including director Nick Dobkin, producer Eric Tortora Pato, and lead composers Galen Borson and Matthew Pablo, are the creators of the film Touching Sound: The Technika Documentary, the award-winning story of the first touchscreen arcade music game, born a year before the iPad, whose communal play lead to lifelong friendships and even marriages, until it was shut down without warning or explanation. The film was crowd-funded by the game's community and went on to screen at San Diego Comic Con 2017, the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2018, and most recently at the 2019 California Extreme Arcade Convention in Santa Clara.

The film was born of filmmaker Nick Dobkin's own experiences of the game in its 2010 heyday in Sunnyvale, and highlights the history of the scene in the San Francisco Bay Area, and the bonds forged among its community. Nick is an animation director by trade, for whom the documentary's 3 year production represented a new experience. Eric is a filmmaker and animator in the New York area, and both Galen and Matthew compose music professionally for games and films.

MAGWest will host a screening of Touching Sound with a rare Q&A featuring almost all the members of the Touching Sound Team - we hope to see you there!


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