Badge Info


Single Attendee Badge: $75

The three-day single attendee badge is $75, BUT there are promo codes all over the place. Keeping your ear to the ground and your eyes on social media, newsletters, and promo events will earn you discounts up to $20 off your badge price!

Children 6 through 12 get 50% off the current badge price (rounded down to the nearest dollar).

Kick-In Upgrades

Do you want to show all of your friends how important you are by giving us some extra cashola for some sweet swag? Add a kick-in upgrade when you purchase your badge to get some of the coolest MAG merch, available nowhere else! Each additional tier includes all of the items in the previous tiers. Grab your kick-ins on the registration page.

T-Shirt Tier

For just $25, be the talk of the town with an official event T-shirt. The shirt feels like premium cloth and has our cute AF logo.

BUT WAIT, that’s not all! You’ll also receive a sweet button that perfectly exemplifies MAGWest to the core!

Supporter Tier

For $75, you can beat the heat with a handheld fan, featuring the MAGWest logo! You’ll also get a custom lanyard for your badge, some sweet stickers for your favorite things, a red balloon for attaching gifts, and a genuine Li’l Bandit Sleep Mask! All of these things will come packed into a neat themed drawstring bag for convenience! Plus a few mystery items we haven’t even revealed!

Combine all this plus the previous tier, and you’ve got a package you just cannot skip!


Mayor tier

OH BABY. For $200, this is the big enchilada. Not only do you get all of the previous tiers, but you also get a̶̛̲͕̒̀r̷̛͚̮͕̬̰͌̐̓j̸̛̭̮̠̟͒g̵͚̘͑͒͆̚b̶̢͇͚̯͈̐ ̴̡̱̜͔͛͂́̐i̶̮̅̎k̶̞̫͍̉́ͅǫ̸̟̜͕̻̣͐̋͗͝ë̶̜̺́͆͗͝ …. wait… WHAT DOES THIS SAY!?

UPDATE: We’ve managed to decode a few of the items, including: An original coffee roast, themed 16oz mug, handmade wooden coasters, full-print throw pillow, embroidered sherpa blanket, and… and… GAH! We still can’t read the rest, but there’s apparently even more!?

“But wait, I already bought my badge and I want these things!”

Well, that’s no problem either! Head to your registration page via your badge confirmation email, and you can add kick-in merch from there. Update your badge, pay the difference, and your merch is secured! Can’t find that link? Click here to have it re-sent!