Guests, Indies, Panels Submissions Closing Soon!

Hey there, MAGFam!

Did you know that we’re still taking suggestions for Guests to select for MAGWest 2019?

Did you know that we’re still accepting Indie Game applications for our Indie Arcade for MAGWest 2019?

Did you know that we’re still taking Panel applications for our main panels content for MAGwest 2019?

WELL, if you didn’t, now you do.

If you want to have a say in who we’ll potentially have as a guest, make sure you tell us! If you have a game that you want to share at our West indies area, be sure to submit your game! If you’ve got crazy ideas to force on other people in an hour+ long panel, let us know!

Now that you know all of the things above, you should also know that these application/submission processes are all closing in early August! Before you know it, these applications will be closed, so:

  • if you’ve been too scared, have courage

  • if you’ve been dragging your feet, pick up the pace

  • if you’ve been living under a rock, get a house

  • if you know people that might be interested, let them know!

  • if you just didn’t know, NOW YOU DO

It’s exhausting being excited all the time, but it’s worth it to make sure you all have the best experience at MAGWest 2019. We’re tired. (And excited.)