Mega Ran + Super Soul Bros and Guests!

What's better than having an amazing nerdcore artist perform at MAGWest? Having a funky band back him up! This year, we'll see Mega Ran and Super Soul Bros. perform together on the main stage with classic tunes worthy of your time away from our 24 hour gaming hall. This type of fusion performance is exactly what we want to see at MAGWest, and we're thrilled to be helping these two fantastic performers come together for you all. Check out their band bios on our website for more info!


As if two rocking performers weren't enough, how about a recap on the amazing guests we've announced so far? If you missed it, we're proud to share that the composer to the legendary Panzer Dragoon Saga soundtrack Saori Kobayashi will be joining us this year! In addition, you'll have a chance to meet the creator of TASBot and TAS guru dwangoAC all weekend long! We're thrilled to have both of these VIPs with us this year, and we're excited to announce more guests in the coming weeks. For more info, check out our guest bios below!