Music/Visualist Applications OPEN!

MAN! There have been a lot of changes here. We’re been hard at work doing all sorts of fun stuff making sure this is the best year yet, doing crazy fun promo events like Super MAGFest, and we’re happy to announce the first step to great content for MAGWest 2019: applications for musicians and visualists are now OPEN!

If you’re a musician, chiptune artist, nerdcore artist, or otherwise performer of the auditory arts OR if you’re a crazy creative visualist that helps create a cohesive experience by adding visuals to audio and you want to perform at our nonstop party-fest, then head on over to our application and submit your interest! We’ve got a few different stages for different crowds, but spots can fill up fast, so don’t delay!

We’ll announce a bit later when applications will be closed (soft date is March 31) and when the selection process is finished, but you can always shoot an email to a few months down the line if you’re wondering why you haven’t heard back about your application.

Application Link

(Photo by Kevin Campbell)