New Job Board Positions Available!

Hey there, folks!

We’re taking inventory of all our talented people, and we would love some new faces with some specific skill sets around here! We want to offer the best MAGWest experience to our attendees, and we think one of the best ways we can do that is to have the best talent helping us out!

Do you have an ear and experience running a soundboard to get the best mix? Are you excellent at playing Tetris and are excited by the idea of a real life version with all of our gear? Do you want to help other staffers with their problems before/during/after the event? We’re adding jobs in all sorts of departments, and so far there are openings in Main Theater Operations, Jamspace, Logistics, and Staff Operations!

We’re getting ready to post the details on this year’s perks, but you could be eligible for a free t-shirt, a refund on your badge, or free hotel space next year if you volunteer your precious time to help us be the best MAGWest we can be!

Come check out the Staff Job Board for your opportunity to help out!